===> Compressing manual pages for mplayer-0.99.10_13
===> Running ldconfig
/sbin/ldconfig -m /usr/local/lib /usr/local/lib/mplayer/vidix
===> Installing ldconfig configuration file
===> Registering installation for mplayer-0.99.10_13
===> Cleaning for x264-0.0.20070708
===> Cleaning for mplayer-skins-1.1.2_6
===> Cleaning for yasm-0.6.1
===> Cleaning for gpac-libgpac-0.4.4,1
===> Cleaning for gettext-0.16.1_3
===> Cleaning for mplayer-0.99.10_13

MPlayer comes with useful documentation covering many topics like
output devices, video encoding, repairing broken files etc.
They are installed in


for references.
MPlayer's system-wide configuration dir is


If you want to install configuration files into this location
in order to change mplayer's default settings for all users on
your system, you find some examples in

This port provides a simple and easy to use
tool to provide bitmap fonts in OSD.
Just cd to the ports directory and type

make install-user

Note: This is only for the bitmap fonts! If you've compiled
mplayer with truetype support, i.e. it is linked to freetype,
which is the preferred and supported default setting, this won't
work as expected.

by arigayas | 2007-09-08 15:02 | FreeBSD | Trackback | Comments(0)
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